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IMAGINE PEACE:  The World is in need of balance. We need to create real human connections in order to elevate humanity. It’s the exchange on a human level, the human touch, that creates understanding, tollarance and respect. The Human Connectivity is the key to a peaceful global society.

#CONNECT is a worldwide initiative launched in Paris on January 30th 2016. The goal of the global movement is to connect people in order to bring balance to the World: to create awareness of what is happening around us, to communicate with and to understand each other. The initiative encourages people all over the World to take selfies connecting palm-to-palm, to create a moment of togetherness, a moment of Peace.

Let’s ALL use the power of a digital united World to overcome the lack of balance in the World today. In the US, in Africa, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia, and so many beautiful places; it starts with a simple gesture. Let’s get in touch in real life and breathe that spirit into the digital World. When we are All connected to each other, we are able to create something simple and beautiful: PEACE.

We strongly believe that thoughts can change the World. Thoughts are the seeds of our actions. Let’s think Big and think of a better World for our children into existence. Let’s always keep in mind that a human touch is something irreplaceable between us and something no child should be lacking. In the year 2000, there were 6 billion people on Earth, today we are close to 7.5 billion. Let’s think together and take action to be good caretakers of this planet and preserve and prepare it for the generations to follow.

Our generation are the pioneers of the new media revolution, accelerating and facilitating communication. A communication that lacks more and more of direct human contact and interaction, isolating us in a virtual world. Yet the possibility of global outreach gives us the RESPONSIBILITY to use it to bring humanity forward in its entirety. We want to INSPIRE to feel each other no matter who the other is. Also if the other is different in color, in race, in beliefs, status, religion or sexual orientation. Let’s ALL connect and together make life more simple and peaceful again.


PEACE AROUND THE WORLD cannot exist without Unity. Let’s say humans are pictures, if you put 24 of them together you have a basic one second video. But if you unite ALL of them, you create a world in movement. The motion picture of humanity, a movie of togetherness in which we are all actors, telling one sole story of LOVE. This is the way we are going to heal the world. Peace and Unity are the lungs of LOVE allowing the World to breathe. Let’s ALL become co-producers, directing towards World Peace and make this movie a reality. For your consideration…



WHY I SAID YES to the intrepid duo of #letsALLconnect:
Each generation has its young people who take a stand. They take a stand against the injustices of the life handed to them by the previous generations. They decide to actively promote humanity rather than be passive spectators. The founders of #letsALLconnect are of that ilk! I accepted the honor of being the Patron (I’ll say “Marraine” in French) of this worldwide movement of Human Connectivity, because their spirit and action reflect the same values that I’ve been defending throughout my entire work. They stand on the shoulders of their predecessors, who like them, strove to make our World a better and safer place. When we ALL connect palm-to-palm it demonstrates mutual LOVE, RESPECT, SOLIDARITY and HUMANITY. When we ALL connect palm-to-palm, we make the impossible possible!

Euzhan PALCY


Born in Martinique, Euzhan Palcy is a film director, writer and producer. In 1983, she directed Sugar Cane Alley (Rue Cases Nègres) putting the French West Indies on cinema’s world stages. This critically acclaimed movie went on to win the prestigious Cesar award (French Academy Award) for best first film making Euzhan Palcy the first black person (male or female) to be granted this prestigious award. Sugar Cane Alley (Rue Cases Nègres) won more than 17 international awards including the Silver Lion and Best Actress awards at the Venice Film Festival.

Euzhan Palcy successfully brought back Marlon Brando to cinema screens with the anti-apartheid film, A Dry White Season. She travelled to South Africa defying the special section of the apartheid regime with the help of Dr. Nthato Motlana, Nelson Mandela’s personal physician and friend, who smuggled her into Soweto undercover. She received the Orson Welles award for this film in Los Angeles in 1989. After his historic release from Robben Island in 1990, the newly elected President Mandela watched the film and invited her to South Africa in 1995 (during the first anniversary of his election), filming the never before seen interview titled, My Chat With President Nelson Mandela.


#CONNECT feels responsible to heal the world by starting with the children providing protection, education and creative freedom.
#CONNECT is supporting the international child charity organizations Smile Train and Innocence in Danger. PeaceDay365 is an important partner defending the same goals and making a difference in the world by inspiring people to take action.


PeaceDay365 is a bridge between NGOs, corporations, schools, individuals and the United Nations to bring awareness of Peace Day celebrated annually on September 21, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and global citizenship education.

INNOCENCE IN DANGER (IED) is a worldwide operating non-profit organization for the protection of children against any form of abuse.