“Your selfie can change the world” #letsALLconnect

  • Find anybody.
  • Connect palm-to-palm.
  • Make the Sound [Mmmm-hmm !]*
  • Take a selfie and post it using #letsALLconnect

Share your selfie on the Internet using the hashtag #letsALLconnect

Each single one of those selfies captures a personal, truthful, peaceful moment between two people – a real touch, a human connection. Spreading this idea online will help to humanize the Internet. Try it! You’ll be surprised about the moment you create.

* Speaks to everybody: connecting palm-to-palm, humming in agreement. Mmmm-hmm!

One goal of #letsALLconnect is to generate at least ONE MILLION selfies taken and shared online throughout the world. #letsALLconnect wants to connect everyone. But with the selfie challenge we hope to have an impact especially on the younger generations. Many teenagers spend more time on social media than in one-on-one contact with friends and family. Having created those technologies of today we also have a responsibility on how they are used by the generations to come – to make sure that there is a clear understanding of discerning reality from the virtual world of the internet.

Taking those selfies creates real contact between people. The touch, the sound and the visual make it a three dimensional experience with the connected hands creating the universal peace symbol. Unique, simple and above all: fun! What better way than using a moment of joy to raise global awareness for Peace. Let ‘s say Peace is the new fun… Why not!



We started the #letsALLconnect movement in Paris under the Eiffel tower connecting about hundred people palm-to-palm. A few days later we created a big circle in the middle of times square. We call it HUMAN CHAIN OF CONNECTIVITY – because we could feel the need of the people to connect and get in touch with each other.

Those were people coming from all over the world, interested in discovering a different culture. And this is what the world of today needs: worldwide cultural exchange in order to create global awareness for the others surrounding us, building mutual understanding tolerance and respect. With #letsALLconnect we also want to bring light to places that need support and attention; in order to bring balance to the world we need to care for each other. The photos reaching us from all over the world affirm the willingness of people to do so. Everybody has something somebody else needs; within a community, a city, a country or around the world. If we ALL connect and, throughout that unity, understand the differences and the needs of one another, humanity can be in Peace. The Human Chain of Connectivity symbolizes exactly that spirit in a simple but powerful way.



Modern technology brings the World closer together. We want to use that power for the good of mankind. The Video of Human Connectivity is making the connection between technology and its effect on Humanity.

Shot in Los Angeles and Sydney the Video of Human Connectivity was produced to support the citizens of Cannes, the sister city of Beverly Hills. Hundreds of people suddenly lost their home during floods in October 2015. The Video of Human Connectivity raised the awareness during a charity concert In Cannes to support its citizens and strenghtened the relationship between the two sister cities. Mayor of Beverly Hills, John Mirisch virtually connected with Academy Award winning director George Miller in Australia and the team of #letsALLconnect. In the future #letsALLconnect wants to use the Video of Human Connectivity to create media content that connects and supports people all around the World and shine a light on those who are less fortunate.



What world are we giving to our children?

The CHILDREN’S BOX OF HUMAN CONNECTIVITY was created by #letsALLconnect to give children around the World a global voice, a possibility to communicate their needs and visions to the world.
We believe that we all have a big responsibility towards our children. That is why we have to provide for them the best we can, invest in their future – but we also need to listen and be inspired by their natural creativity and their simplicity.

The CHILDREN’S BOX OF HUMAN CONNECTIVITY travels around the world in order to unite the children globally and to draw attention to the places where help and support is needed the most. The #letsALLconnect team travels with “The Box” visiting children worldwide. The goal is to give them an opportunity to express their thoughts freely, to share their wishes and concerns without any fear. The inspiring messages and artwork created by the children will travel inside the box and then be exhibited at its destination. Receiving and sharing the children’s messages, #letsALLconnect engages the global exchange between children all around the world, creating an early understanding of our cultural, political and economical differences. That way, tolerance and mutual respect become a natural part of their personality.

It’s simple: we believe that children are a vital source of inspiration to create a better world for all of us.